19 Oct

I couldn't be any more excited to formally announce a very special, one-night only, must-attend event.  "Garth, A Musical Tribute to Garth Brooks" is the event, which will take place at the beautiful Turner Street Music Hall, in Wrightstown, WI on January 27th, 2023 at 8p.  Joining me - Phil Smyth (fiddle, guitar...basically every instrument) and his wife Jenny,  adding beautiful layer of vocals to the event.  

Anyone that knows me, knows how big of an inspiration Garth Brooks was to me as a musician.  In fact, without Garth, I probably wouldn't have learned to play guitar or sing.  And, like many others, I very likely would not even be a country music fan today.  So now, 25 years after Garth inspired me to buy my first guitar, I decided it was time to pay tribute to this country music legend in this really fun and unique way. 

The show is designed to capture the full essence of Garth - the energy, the story telling and of course, THE MUSIC!  From the stomp your boots/singalong songs to the most soul touching ballads, we're going to have a blast playing so many of those #1 hits that we all know the words to.  And like any Adam Lee show, there will be sure to be some fun twists along the way.  

Making the night even more special, is this amazing venue.  The Turner Street Music Hall is a new/up and coming venue in Northeast Wisconsin.  The 100 year old, restored church creates a beautiful setting for live music and has unbelievable sound/acoustics and lighting.  Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Turner Street Music website (https://turnerstreetmusic.com/) or at the door, the night of the event.  Word of caution as seating is limited to about 300 so I would suggest buying in advance...I expect tickets to sell fast.  Beer and wine are available/for sale during the event as well.  



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